【Life Saving】Designed to compress the limb to restrict blood flow, Emergency Tourniquet is an important lifesaving
device in both tactical and non-tactical situations. Applicable to arms, thighs and so on; 100% effective in blocking
blood flow, quickly controlled the bleeding threatening life, it is able to stop hemorrhaging & saves lives in the key
moment and save time and save lives!

【Single-Handed Operation Designed】 The tourniquet is designed to be applied using only one hand, giving you a
free hand to tend to other needs of the injured individual or even you're traveling outside and unexpectedly injured
without nobody accompanied with, you can also be treated by your own with it! Perfect for household and also the
outdoor exploration

【Quick Access and Easy to Carry】In an emergency situation, you need to act fast. The high visibility red tip is
designed for immediate location and identification. Smaller and lighter, easily add one or more to home emergency
kits, cars, backpacks, motorcycles, range bag, construction belt or carried on a person for immediate use

【High-Quality】Polyester material, product size: 3.8 x 95cm, it is safe to use. The tourniquets easy to clean and
reusable, making them a worthwhile buy for multiple times of dependable use. tourniquet with self-adhesive tape is
designed to perform in all weather conditions. Cold Resistant Technology ensures peak performance even in bad
weather conditions, the buckle will not break with impact and is built for rugged conditions.

【Multi-Use】It can be used in military, artery bleeding etc. Different situations require different attention, we have
made sure that our tourniquets are completely adjustable to help in any type of situation.

Reinforced one-hand Windlass clip for self application
Flexible, universal fit quickly controls bleeding
Compact and lightweight for any first aid kit
Cold resistant technology
Highly visible time stamp

Material: Polyester
Product Size: 3.8 x 95cm

【Instruction for use】
1:Apply tourniquet proximal to the bleeding site and place the wounded limb through the band loop. Pass the tip
through the inside slit of the buckle. Pull the band tight.
2:Pass the tip through the outside silt of the buckle. The friction buckle will lock the band in place.
3:Pull the band very tight and fasten it back on itself.
4:Twist the rod until bright red bleeding has stopped and the distal pulse is eliminated.
5:Place the rod inside the clip and lock it in place.
6:Check for bleeding condition and distal pulse. Apply additional tightening next to the tourniquet and reassess if
massive bleeding continues.
7:Adhere band over the rod inside the clip around the limb.
8:Secure the rod and band with the strap. Prepare the patient for transport reassess. Record the time of application
on white strap if possible.

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