Tourniquet is a product with a mission, it can save lives at critical moments, so it is important to understand the correct use of tourniquets.

In order to let more people learn to use tourniquets and save more people in case of emergency, we seek video masters to join us in popularizing the methods and precautions for using tourniquets.

As long as you meet some conditions, we are happy to provide you with products for free.

Application conditions:

1.You have good wishes and hope that more people will understand and learn about the use of tourniquets;

2. You are a social platform expert, have a certain number of fans on YouTube, Facebook or other social platforms, enjoy to share, and are willing to publish tourniquet-related content on your social accounts.

3. If you meet the above two conditions, please send an email to and attach a screenshot of your social account homepage. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

After receiving the product, you need to do?

1. You need to make tourniquet-related videos, or write tourniquet usage tutorials (video, text, and pictures are all acceptable), and share them on your social accounts.

2.After sharing, remember to send an email to with the link of product sharing. High-quality and dedicated sharers will be given priority to get the new product trial qualification next time.

Looking forward to doing something meaningful with you.

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